First Time as a Hooker

Dirty Talk On Phone

Dirty talk on phone:  Last night I did something that I really can’t believe that I did.. I was out with my friends having some drinks and partying and somehow lost track of them, which sucks because they were my ride home and I was a little drunk. To make matters worse I was wearing a tiny little skirt and fishnet stockings and it was about 3:00 am. Now I normally make a lot of money as a PSO and guys LOVE my dirty talk on phone, so usually I have plenty of money. But that night I was broke and couldn’t even afford a taxi.

So I start walking thinking that somehow I’ll be able to make my way back to my apartment. It was about 5 miles. Along the way I got so many honks and guys trying to pick me up it was crazy. Finally one guy stops and ask if I was ok. He seemed like he really cared so I explained what happened. He offers me a ride and tells me not to worry, that he is a normal guy and just wanting to help.

So I get in and off we go. To be honest he was kinda cute and I liked talking to him. I’m not sure why but I told him that I’m a phone sex operator and I work on I went on and on about how I talk to guys about anything, extreme extreme taboo stuff. Needless to say he wanted to hear some stories. So I tell him that as part of being a no limits phone sex performer you have to get into some really kinky stuff.

We’ll I didn’t notice at first, but as I glanced down I could see that he had his cock out and was jacking off to my stories. I was a little shocked at first, but then started to giggle like a little schoolgirl. I said, “are you crazy?” He just laughed and told me that my voice is amazing and he can’t help himself.

He then started telling me that his wife never has sex with him and his missed it so much. I started to feel sorry for him because I know how important it is to guys.

Dirty Talk on Phone lead me to offer a little release

I told him that as payment for the ride I would continue telling stories and watch him stroke his cock. He had to pull over and I could tell he was having trouble trying not to cum. It because fun. Like I was starting to get into it and even teasing him by putting my mouth right next to his cock and daring him to shoot his load.

After another 5 minutes I was horny as hell and started sucking on his cock. He was so hard and I could feel him thrusting and bucking his hips. I thought to myself, “I’m I really going to let him explode in my mouth?” But I couldn’t stop. I was so turned on that I kept pumping away until he shot load after load into my mouth. The first couple shots went straight down my throat!

We finally clean up and get to my apartment and he gives me $50.00 for the blowjob. At that moment I realized that I was a hooker, and I loved it. I plan to play around with this a little bit and maybe ‘get lost’ again.

Call me and I can tell you all about it..